Practice Self-Awareness

While many define self-awareness as simply being conscious of what you are good at while acknowledging what you still have to learn, it is actually an ongoing process that involves reaching and maintaining a comfort with one’s own identity. It includes knowing what makes you tick, your core beliefs and values, your biases and hot buttons and being comfortable enough in your own skin to acknowledge, accept, and value your emotions.

Self-awareness is the ability to take an honest look inward with curiosity in a non-judgmental way. While it is human nature to try to conceal some hard truths from yourself and others, knowing yourself is a crucial element of emotional intelligence. Honesty about oneself requires courage, confidence and support from others that are trusted.

Often described as “the mirror,” self-awareness calls attention to and validates the legitimacy of our feelings because they are a big part of who we are. Looking in “the mirror” helps us to first understand our own behavior and responses, and once we are enlightened or reach a level consciousness, we can then move forward to work with and understand others.

Being self-aware helps individuals create their own reality; each of us has the power to change or simply enhance their reality by being mindful of our thoughts, emotions, attitudes and actions. Only from the place of self-awareness, we can then take the journey of self-acceptance, self-love, and self-care.

Self-aware people have high levels of self-confidence, and firm grasp of their capabilities. Someone who is highly self-aware knows where he is headed and why. Self-awareness leads to personal empowerment as it can net you the trust of others and increase your credibility.

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